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Better with Jetter

Patient satisfaction is only the beginning.


Reducing Anxiety, One Shot at a Time

Jetter, our flagship product, is a child-friendly, disposable pain mitigation device created to improve the pediatric injection experience. Created with the patient in mind, Jetter is poised to make the injection experience better through an anxiety reducing form and dynamic pain mitigation. 

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Leveraging Physiology with Innovative Design

Jetter utilizes principles of pain mitigation and anxiety reduction to reduce injection anxiety, mitigate the pain of the injection process, and to improve the experience as a whole. A novel, proprietary design allows for simple use in clinical settings and effortlessly integrates into the medical professional's existing workflow.

The needle and syringe is completely hidden from the patient's sight during the whole procedure, greatly reducing anxiety caused by the sight of the needle and reducing the chance of needle stick injury.

A vibrating base with multiple points of contact with the skin allow for pain mitigation utilizing principles of the Gate Theory of Pain, reducing pain and also bringing the Jetter rocket buzzing to life!