JetterMed LLC

About Us

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Innovating for the Pediatric Population

With over 74 million pediatric patients in the United States with each recommended to receive up to 30 injections in the first 12 years of life, the injection experience is one we all have faced. For most, this experience is full of anxiety, stress, and pain which can lead to the development of needle phobia as it did for over 60% of the pediatric population. Identifying the great need to improve upon this extremely negative experience was the driving factor that brought the JetterMed team together, spurring innovative design in the pediatric healthcare space.

The JetterMed Team

Interdisciplinary, diverse, experienced, and driven to make a lasting impact.

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Joshua Kim | Project Lead
MS Engineering Design Innovation | NU
BA Biological Sciences | NU

Nish Rastogi | Business Lead
MBA | NU Kellogg
BA Economics | Dartmouth College

Jasmine Kim | Design Lead
MS Engineering Design Innovation | NU
BS Physics and Applied Math | SMU


Akanksha Arya | Medical Lead
MBA | NU Kellogg
MD | Rutgers RWJMS
BA Cell Bio & Neuroscience | Rutgers University

Anna Choi | Legal
JD | NU Pritzker School of Law
BA Classical Civilization | UIUC

Tiffany Wen | Marketing
MD | NU Feinberg
BS Neuroscience | University of Michigan